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Serial# 101k, damaged mid tube, very damaged neck U-joint. Item #: OST03.7W9.99.531.4-0 Read More SOLD - Boomer Sister #2: Named: "Bertha" of the Boomer sisters (two Bass saxes)... Read More SOLD - the ultra rate Tipped Bell, in original silver plate. It does have a little bend in the bell lip that i will round back out AND gold plate the interior.

There is no major damage to mention, only one small ding that I…Read More SOLD - If you buy a TT series, this is the one to get (roller G#), Serial number 246k.

Keyed to high Eb, thus no Front F key, these old guys are known for their woody tone.

It's a buescher thing.…Read More1922-23 Buescher Bb Bass Boomer Sister #1: Named: "(Ugly) Betty" of the Boomer sisters (two Bass saxes)... Although lacquer was more common around 1934, this technically looks like a [1st time lacquer] job.

The crook is fitted with a pseudo-underslung key - that's to say that although most of the key runs beneath the crook, the octave key nipple sits atop the crook as per a standard horn. Yep, it's the same sort of design that you'll find on modern Yanagisawa horns (and their Chinese lookalikes).

As is so often the case with 'modern design features' on saxes, someone else thought of them almost a century ago.

), but the old old pads will likely need replaced for you to enjoy and also to help remove the smell during a bathing.

They were, arguably, the most popular student model saxophone brand until they were toppled from their throne by Yamaha.

The Bundy line of musical instruments owe their name to a Selmer employee by the name of George Bundy, who in 1918, had taken over the Selmer USA business when Alexandre Selmer returned to Paris.

It is my goal to maintain a large stock of some of the saxophones we've seen and worked on for research reasons.

I hope that we'll be able to develop this section for the necessary Sound Files or other unique reasons that belong with each sax. Current Saxophone Inventory1916-17 Buescher True Tone Baritone Here's a beautiful early TT model ser.#37k, in excellent 97% silver plate, Goldwash bell is rather faded(40%) but ask me about replating that!

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